Portræt fotografering

My heart is in artistic, storytelling, dramatic and/or painterly portraiture. I enjoy creating storytelling portraits for your website and social media channels or fine art portraits of you or your family in my studio or on location. My portrait sessions are a collaboration where we work towards your goals for the final image or set of images, but the proces of creating and finalising the images continues in my digital darkroom and usually takes at least at long time as the session itself. If you like what you see and would like to know more read my FAQ of portrait sessions below and contact me for booking.


So how much do you charge?

All customers have their own wishes and needs and therefor we will always agree on the price before you arrive in the studio.

Here are some price examples:

A professionel portrait for social media, LinkedIn, CV etc. This type of portrait session costs 1250 dkr. including 2 retouched digital images. You can buy more from the session for 300dkr per image. All images are shot on the same background that we agree on. We have 1 hour of studiotime.

Extended portrait session in studio which gives us time to change clothes and background is 1875 dkr incl. vat for 2 retouched images. More images can be bought for 300 dkr per image. We can spend 2 hours in the studio and it gives you the possibility to create a lot of variation in the images.

Creative painterly portraits start at 2900 dkr. (incl. vat) for studio session and 1 image (expluding print). We then spend 2-3 hours preparing and shooting the image in my studio or on location and I spend much more time than in normal portrait sessions on creating the final image. The aim is to create a memorable image for your wall.

Where are you based?

In Roskilde, Denmark. 15 min. walk from the train station. Near the harbour.

How long does a shoot take?

Good question. Somewhere between one to three hours. There really isn't any point in rushing it. If you like I will take photos in a variety of clothing.

What should I wear?

Anything you like BUT bring a few options. Your clothing can totally transform a shoot and we want to get the best images possible. Also, don’t be afraid to bring some colour. Some people are afraid of it, but not you. Add accessories for more fun (hats, bags, umbrellas… your choice).

I hate having my photo taken. I'll be all nervous....

This is indeed the case for lots of people but don't worry about it. This is a very relaxed session with no time pressure. We will drink coffee and start shooting when we are good and ready. No stress.

How many pictures do you take?

Usually minimum 200. I will then go through them after the session, weed out any weird ones and send you the rest to peruse.

Make up, beards, hair, eyebrows, what should I do?

If you wear make up day to day then come in what you feel comfortable wearing. You can always apply more if the mood takes you. There is plenty of time for all that jazz.

Can I bring my dog? Or a dog?

I prefer not in my studio since we have a cat and they might not get along. I can come to you if you would like to include your dog.

Your pictures are all in colour and I'd like some black and white ones too. Can you do that?

I certainly can. If you're old school and you would like some retouched in black and white then just let me know.

Will you change the colour of my eyes and make me appear as Venus?

For regular portrait sessions I want you to look like you. I colour grade, remove minor blemishes, fade wrinkles and banish stray hairs but I'm not in the business of making you look like someone else. If you want to create a fine art portrait anything is possible though, it will take me some more time in the darkroom, but I love a challenge.

Can I choose my backgrounds etc?

I shoot on hand painted canvas backdrops, papers and colourful fabrics. We will use whatever works best with you and your look. If you have a preference then just let me know.

How do i best prepare for the shoot?

Before we meet we will discuss your needs or ideas, so I know what you are looking for. I will then come up with suggestions on how we can get the right atmosphere, what location or background we can use, etc. You are also very welcome to show me pictures that inspire you. I can also point you to sources of inspiration.

Do you do discounts?

Yes. I do. For students or if you are willing to let me use the photos for competitions, exhibitions and printed artwork. Its always nice to do someone a deal. Drop me an email and we can chat.

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